Picture this….

Imagine a funnel. A cone with a hole in the bottom, maybe with a tube spout outlet, maybe not. Imagine what it feels like to be in that funnel, with liquid swirling around you, jostling you, gradually washing you down in its vortex. The flow current is too strong to swim against, so round andContinue reading “Picture this….”

What is the NHS for?

What is the NHS for? The NHS exists to look after the interests of the NHS. To be sure, this was not the original intention behind Aneurin Bevan’s vision, but it has become so as the titanic, monolithic, bureaucracy infection has metastasised within it. NHS staff exist to look after the interests of NHS staff.Continue reading “What is the NHS for?”


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel there is too much emphasis given to promoting gay (etc) viewpoints? Frankly who cares if Joseph Bloggins is gay, bi, trans, whatever? What is Joseph like as a person? Isn’t that the biggest issue? As far as I’m concerned you can be gay, bi, straight, green,Continue reading “LGBTWhatever…”

Sense of direction

As a male of the species, I am “supposed” to know where I am going. Take comfort that you are not alone if you lack a sense of direction. There are others who lack the homing drive of a pigeon, and instead have the sense of direction of a small piece of putty – likeContinue reading “Sense of direction”

Taking offence

I feel very strongly that one should be able to take a hit of offence: a bit of rhino-hide is very helpful to deflect venom. Sometimes one comes across a truly vindictive and nasty person, and the only solution is to rise above the slight, dissociate from the individual and move on – to otherContinue reading “Taking offence”


Why does Life exist? Is it solely to procreate, an entirely selfish preoccupation? Or is it purely survival? Or something else. In which case, what? Why bother? What does Life get out of survival? Aside from struggling to exist, that is… Somebody told me once that the way one feels today is as good asContinue reading “Nature”

What is the point?

It appears that the local GP intends to offer flu jabs to all “vulnerable” people, and it seems that I am one. I don’t particularly object to a flu vaccine: I have had some miserable flu infections in the past. It is just that this year, I really don’t see the point. For me, thatContinue reading “What is the point?”


Nothing new for today. I’m afraid to say I am struggling. The events of the last 15 months in particular are catching up with me. Normal service will be resumed when I feels a bit more like it…

Day off?

No, not really. Job interviews. Trying to make sense of some stuff. What stuff? Just brooding on things from the last couple of years. Normal service might be resumed tomorrow. If I get the chance to sing (no spoilers here).


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