The Contract Humans have with Dogs (and Cats)

There is an implicit contract between Homo Sapiens and the animals we domesticate: care, shelter and food in exchange for not killing each other or eating our underwear. I got to wondering how such a contract with canines might be structured and worded if it were to be set down in writing. So of course,Continue reading “The Contract Humans have with Dogs (and Cats)”

A personal tribute to Sandy Denny

“English singer-songwriter who was lead singer of the British folk rock band Fairport Convention, she has been described as “the pre-eminent British folk rock singer”. “After briefly working with the Strawbs, Denny joined Fairport Convention in 1968, remaining with them until 1969. She formed the short-lived band Fotheringay in 1970, before focusing on a solo career. Between 1971 and 1977, DennyContinue reading “A personal tribute to Sandy Denny”

What is life? George Harrison being very philosophical

What I feelI can’t sayBut my love is there for you any time of dayBut if it’s not loveThat you needThen I’ll try my best to make everything succeed Tell me, what is my life without your love?Tell me, who am I without you by my side? What I knowI can doIf I give myContinue reading “What is life? George Harrison being very philosophical”

Panic buying and another new word

I’d like to take the panic-bought stockpile of toilet paper (of all things for god’s sake), soak it in the panic-bought petrol (arrrrgh!) and stuff it up the panic-buying twonks (yes, “twonk” is a real word. It’s one of mine. It has the advantage of being able to be expressed with every bit as muchContinue reading “Panic buying and another new word”