Lessons learned

I was asked “What’s a good lesson you learned from a bad manager?”

Lesson learned – You don’t have to be a total and utter arsehole to manage your team effectively.

In fact people perform best if you:
1. don’t micromanage;
2. don’t move project goalposts mid-project, then deny the posts have been moved;
3. act with some dignity and integrity;
4. treat all team members the same way, without showing favouritism – or the opposite;
5. just be honest, true to yourself;
6. show some compassion and empathy.

And this was all learned from one inept, very stupid but highly intelligent manager, and his replacement in role, an equally dim-witted individual who really should know better.

I have too much integrity to name names, but I am sure they know who they are.

Published by admad43

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