Meditations of Mediocrates

it is what it is
what else could it be?
if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be anything
it would be something else

something or nothing
nothing comes from nothing
we come from nothing
we go back to nothing

why does it matter?
all we have is time
is there time for us?
we can’t know if there is time after time

only time will tell
if there is time after our time
or if our time has come
and gone

how can we measure our time?
we can only compare to others
but are others compared to us?
who can judge?

why judge?
we don’t need a judge
we should do the best we can
with the best of what we’ve got

we have only what we can earn
only what we can create
we cannot have what we can steal
as it is not ours

we can give what we have
to help others
we can help others to give
it all goes around

The free-form verse above comes from the album “Hubelfish 8 – The Age Of Nice”, track 14 “Meditation”, © Adam Nottage 2015,

Published by admad43

Veni, vidi, lusi conkera - I came, I saw, I played conkers. The word is "marmalade". Spread the word. If you don't like what I write, just move on. If you do like it, please do not be embarrassed about sending me money. I will certainly not be embarrassed about taking it. Open your wallet and repeat after me “help yourself”.

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