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Picture this….

Imagine a funnel. A cone with a hole in the bottom, maybe with a tube spout outlet, maybe not. Imagine what it feels like to be in that funnel, with liquid swirling around you, jostling you, gradually washing you down in its vortex. The flow current is too strong to swim against, so round andContinue reading “Picture this….”

What is the NHS for?

What is the NHS for? The NHS exists to look after the interests of the NHS. To be sure, this was not the original intention behind Aneurin Bevan’s vision, but it has become so as the titanic, monolithic, bureaucracy infection has metastasised within it. NHS staff exist to look after the interests of NHS staff.Continue reading “What is the NHS for?”


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel there is too much emphasis given to promoting gay (etc) viewpoints? Frankly who cares if Joseph Bloggins is gay, bi, trans, whatever? What is Joseph like as a person? Isn’t that the biggest issue? As far as I’m concerned you can be gay, bi, straight, green,Continue reading “LGBTWhatever…”

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